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Dr Suneel Maggo was born on 26th January, 1961 to Shri Gulshan Rai Mago, a banker, social activist and philanthropist and Smt Swaran Lata Maggo, a devoted housewife.

He is married to Dr Seema Suneel, a scholar, who has a doctorate in English literature and has taught at Delhi University.

He is blessed with a daughter, Arushi, a fashion designer, pursuing her MBA and a son, Arohan, studying in 11th standard.

He is a multi-faceted person and besides his impressive academic credentials, he has other talents also.

He has also sung Bhakti songs in albums; Jai Bajrang Vishaal, Jai Jai Shree Shani Dev, Sai Ke Gun Gaye Ja… etc.

He has also written many hindi poems and ghazals.

As a numerologist he provides guidance and consultancy to bureaucrats, politicians, celebrities and corporates also.

He has won Chess tournaments at all levels.